Thursday, 3 March 2011

To tatt or not to tatt?

I think you either love them or you hate them.  I used to fall on the hate side of the debate, always asking the people covered in them 'but what will you look like when you're 80?!?'.  But yesterday I saw a picture of Freja Beha Erichsen (see below) and my mind did a complete 180.  Yes Cheryl Cole's tramp stamp undoubtedly cheapened that (already cheap looking!!!) Versace dress, but somehow, when it comes to Freja, subtle and intricate tattoos seem to do nothing but compliment Valentino couture.  Who would have thought?!  Freja has the words 'this world tonight is mine' circling her wrist, making me realise that tattoos can be beautiful and intimate.  

Freja Beha Erichsen

Tattoos seem to be having a bit of a fashion moment.  You only have to look at the catwalk to see what I mean.  Christopher Kane's collection was apparently inspired by Yakuza gangster tattoos, and Acne worked with a renowned Swiss tattoo artist who created bespoke tribal patterns that the design house then embossed onto leather.  


So although I probably won't be rushing out anytime soon to scar my body for life (my Zadig & Voltaire phase can't last forever right?!), i'm definitely thinking about considering it.  Maybe a star or a swallow on the inside of my right wrist or on my left shoulder.  Maybe some words that mean everything to me.  But for now, I might just invest in a pack of Chanel's transfers, even though temporary is soooo last season...


Until next time xoxo

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