Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lack of colour

I am terrified of colour.  If you were to open my wardrobe, you would see a palette of greys, blacks, whites, navy blues, and the odd discrete floral print.  As you can imagine, this is somewhat limiting at a time when block colours, particularly neons, are just so on trend.  

Yesterday I spent my afternoon surveying fashion blog after fashion blog, and by chance happened to stumble across a set of photographs that have the potential to change my mind completely.  These pictures (see below) are of Chiara Ferragni, owner of The Blonde Salad.  To call her a 'fellow blogger' would be to do her a gross injustice; I can only dream that one day I will fill my space with outfits and pictures as beautiful as hers.  Chiara is probably one of the best dressed people I have ever seen.  Oh and she designs shoes...and is completely gorgeous...I want to be her.  

Chiara just gets everything so right in the pictures below.  The slightly cropped orange trousers are a great shape, and the colour compliments the pink of the scarf and the Marc Jacobs bag so incredibly well.  The blue shoes (designed by Chiara of course) are beautiful, and look as though they were made for the orange and pink.  The white T-shirt and leather jacket finish the look off perfectly, and I really love the detail on the shoulders and sleeves.  

I have never seen block colours done so well.  And as for Chiara?  Well, she is dangerously close to stripping me of my neon scepticism.

All images courtesy of Chiara Ferragni

Love ya bitches xo xo

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  1. Hello beautiful!
    Do you know the designer Danny Wise?
    Pass to my blog and tell me what you think of my last post on his new Spring-Summer ..
    Thanks in advance ..