Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Although it's raining today, I have found it impossible to feel sad because i'm wearing my favourite pair of Hunter wellington boots! I think it's so important to invest in a good pair of wellies, and you really can't go wrong with Hunter... Apologies for the number of pictures, I was having far too much fun!  Today's look is a cross between classic French and typical English countryside.

TOP: Zadig & Voltaire
SKIRT: Zadig & Voltaire
JACKET: Barbour
BOOTS: Hunter
SCARF: Glen Prince of Great Britain
BRACELETS: Jack Wills, Jigsaw and Frippery

Catch you on the flip side bitches

xo xo

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

If you're going to San Francisco... sure to wear some flowers in your hair. Even if you're not going to San Fran, you should still wear some flowers in your hair because I think it's going to be HUGE this summer. Whether you use real flowers or fake ones, you'll have lots of fun putting this together, and it's a great way to channel the relaxed Californian vibe.

So in love with her bracelets...

Enjoy the sunshine!

xo xo

Monday, 28 March 2011

From Paris with love

The Wright sisters are reunited at last! In order to celebrate this momentous occasion, Fi kindly agreed to feature in today's blog post. I was ecstatic at the prospect of having someone other than myself to write about, and I imagine my readers probably feel the same way!

As you can imagine, I love what she's wearing today. It satisfies my current obsession with black-white-black, and is ideal for the tricky transition period that I was talking about yesterday; the jumper keeps her warm, but the light and floaty skirt reminds us that it's now spring. The simple necklace provides the perfect finish. I can't believe how on-trend her skirt is (Japanese vintage from Paris, obviously), both in terms of it's colour and the pleats; I also love the gold edging around the bottom.

Thank you to my beautiful sister for being so patient!


And just because...

Lauraaaa...what are you doing...

And yes, we are related...

xo xo

Sunday, 27 March 2011

This is the first day of my life

Well, I think it's fairly safe to say that spring is finally here (touch wood)!! In my mind, one of the hardest things to master when it comes to fashion is the transition period between winter and spring. I die a little inside when I walk into town on the first sunny day of the year and see girls walking around in vest tops and mini skirts (without tights), goosebumps included. When it's still March, it's not OK.

So here is my first official outfit post EVER, and hopefully it will give you a few ideas for this tricky time of year. Wear light floaty dresses with the blackest tights you can find, and find something cool and maybe even edgy to wear over it - it'll give you both warmth and an interesting contrast.  The possibilities really are endless!

DRESS: Topshop
JACKET: Topshop
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
BAG: Urban Outfitters

Have a lovely Sunday!

xo xo

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Maje in heaven

I was going to be really lazy today and post this Maje advert, write a couple of lines about how much I love it and how inspirational it is, and pretty much leave it at that; but it got me thinking.  Yesterday I brought the vast majority of my clothes back from Oxford, and when I opened my suitcase to unpack this afternoon, I realised how integral Maje is to my wardrobe - I own about 10 different items from the past 3-4 collections.  So then I thought that it would be cool to follow the advert with pictures of me in my Maje clothes, and started off with this classic black dress...

I really love it, but I hardly ever wear it;  I guess I just think it's boring or something.  So then I thought, maybe I could try and make it a bit more exciting by adding things.  I started off very simply...just a scarf and my trench coat. Already I thought, wow, I need to wear this more often!  

Just as I was about to put on the next dress, I remembered how i'm constantly talking about how I need to be more adventurous when it comes to what I wear. What better way to start off than by experimenting with a single black dress?!  So here it is...  I had a LOT of fun with fashion today, and that's the way it should be! Although I wouldn't necessarily wear all of these combinations, i've definitely discovered at least 2 or 3 new outfits and I didn't have to spend a single penny. It's taught me how important it is to think outside the box, and i'm going to do things like this again and again.  

So I guess I wasn't lying or being hollow when I wanted to say that I found the advert inspirational...I just didn't know it at the time!  One advert has completely shifted my way of thinking!

Can't decide which scarf to wear? Why not wear them both?!  

Adding a Breton tee - simple but effective


I love the way that you can see the shoulders of the dress

Thank you to my incredibly stylish Dad!

I love the contrast between the black and white

Thank you to my Mum!  I love what the gold ties add to this.

Definitely try it!  

xo xo