Tuesday, 22 March 2011

I left my heart in California

Today's post is a very selfish post.  I have spent all day moping around the house in a hoody, eating and feeling very sorry for myself...who knows why, but i'm repeatedly told that it happens to the best of us!  Naturally I turned to the wonderful world of fashion blogs in an attempt to cheer myself up, and one girl in particular has managed to put something closely resembling a smile on my face - Shea Marie of Cheyenne meets Chanel.  Shea Marie embodies the typical California girl, something which I constantly aspire to achieve, and I am totally in love with her style (and her hair!!).  Today I was particularly moved by her little white dresses (nearly always from LF Stores - I need to move to America ASAP), often paired with black tights and jackets - a look that takes me back to my very first blog entry!

Here is a selection of Shea Marie's looks that have made my day 100 times better - amazing how fashion can do that to me.  Enjoy the beautiful photographs; I hope they inspire you too!

And just because it wouldn't be me without denim shorts and a leather jacket...

So if like me you're having a bad clothes day, always remember, in the words of Shea Marie herself...'what's the fun if you don't feel fabulous everywhere you go?!'

xo xo


  1. Gaylord Fandango22 March 2011 at 23:18

    Today I looked fab! I was wearing a dark blue, pinstriped, bespoke suite, crisp white shirt and yellow/silver Versace tie. Smart black shoes and red Hugo Boss socks singled me out as The man about town. I can't say anything much regarding white dresses today. GF

  2. gaylord. you're a loser.