Monday, 13 June 2011


What i'm about to suggest is more than slightly controversial. Call it a hunch, but I have the distinct feeling that denim shorts are over. Ironic really, given that as I sit at my desk writing this, I am wearing my favourite pair of Nobody Jeans cut-offs. I mean, they'll never be over over; I believe that we hold an unconditional loyalty towards them in the same way that some of us (excluding me) do towards Ugg boots. In other words, it's one of those rare fashion statements that most of us will stand by through both thick and thin. But from my perspective, they're looking more than a little bit tired and dated this season. I'm thinking way too Victoria Beckham circa 2006.

Maybe this is just a result of my having been faced with one too many cases of that syndrome peculiar to the British girl - the fatter the thighs, the shorter the shorts - but there's definitely more too it than the fact that only 0.0001% of the population (once again - but this time, sadly - excluding me) are fortunate enough to have the legs of Elle MacPherson. It goes further than that. Not only are they unflattering, but they are also feeling distinctly irrelevant, unimaginative and unoriginal at the moment.

My solution? Silk culottes. They're perfect for warm-weather dressing, and if you couple them with a white tee that covers and doesn't cling, then you can go a little crazy with the print. Camilla Belle gets it absolutely spot on (pictured below). Her shorts are from Anthropologie who do a pretty good range at the moment - surprisingly good value at £58; but also check out Whistles who do the most gorgeous pair in a dark blue with little white dots.

Don't get me wrong, every girl needs the perfect pair of denim cut-offs; but if you want to earn extra fashion brownie points this summer, then leave them at home and try something a little different.

xo xo