Sunday, 20 March 2011

Alice's Wonderland

So on Thursday Irina and I headed down to the wonderful Notting Hill for an Alice by Temperley sample sale.  I had never experienced the joys of sample sale shopping before, and it was so much fun!  I felt like a child in a sweet shop!  We literally just grabbed pretty much anything that we liked in our respective sizes and spent hours trying clothes on with the other women in the open changing rooms.  It was the perfect opportunity to see all of the beautiful designs.  As you can probably imagine, my collection consisted of purely black and white items, and so Irina forced me to try on something a little different.  I agreed to sample a floor length gown (!!!)...I remain unconvinced.

The pictures below are of my new tuxedo shirt/dress that I picked up at the sale.  I had to try it on four or five times before I persuaded myself to buy it, but people seemed to think it looked good, and I think it's really different and cool.  There are so many different ways to wear it - as a long shirt with tights and heels (with denim shorts hidden underneath as it's pretty see-through); messily tucked into denim shorts; with a cropped leather jacket; with black skinny trousers and skyscraper heels...and the list goes on!  Such a versatile yet classic piece.  I'm excited to start wearing it!

After this we went to a Rupert Sanderson sample sale, and although we arrived too late to find anything good in our (very popular) size, the sheer number of shoes took my breath away!

Until tomorrow bitches

xo xo


  1. Yey I made it in you blog! :)

  2. Thank you!! Will have a much better camera soon... xx