Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Diamonds on the soles of her shoes

Nothing can lift my mood like a good pair of shoes.  Four years ago I would never have even dreamed of wearing ankle boots - I used to think that only the ridiculously long-legged could get away with them.  But oh how the times have changed!!  It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that I live in these Urban Outfitters beauties; I do pretty much everything aside from sleep in them.  The brown wooden base works so well with the black suede, and I love the way that they take me from an average 5'8 to a cool 6ft.  I can't stand anything resembling a stiletto heel at the moment, and so the chunky heel and platform suit my current style perfectly.  They give me the walk that comes with wearing heels, but with the bonus of the comfort that we usually experience only while wearing flats.  When i'm in these shoes, i'm happy.  

I wouldn't say i'm getting bored of them, but we all know how important a bit of variety is when it comes to shoes.  I have a few pairs of knee high boots, but they just feel all wrong this season (apart from my biker boots and Hunter wellies of course).  Way too Kate Middleton.  I recently stumbled across this AMAZING pair of Ash biker boots.  Absolute perfection.  Yet another thing to add to my wish list.  

From a girl with major shoe envy... xo xo

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  1. From a clued up boy: your current shoes = great, those boots = yucky! That is all!