Monday, 14 March 2011

The naked truth

Do you ever wake up with the urge to go out and try on as many clothes as possible, even when you have absolutely no money?  Well that's exactly what happened to me this morning.  It's a beautiful day and I took it as the perfect opportunity to walk into town and try on everything that i've been eyeing up over the past few weeks.  

I'm having a bit of a nude/dusky pink moment these days.  I don't actually own anything in this colour...yet...and so that was a big focus for me today.  

The nude

This jumper is from Jigsaw and costs £75.  It's difficult to tell from these pictures (i'm back home in a week, where I will have access to a REAL CAMERA!!!!!) but at the time I thought it was maybe a bit too pink.  Looking back on the pictures, it's unbelievably cute and I think it probably makes my wish list.  

I've had my eye on this top, also from Jigsaw (£99), for a number of weeks now. The pictures really don't do it justice.  It's perfect with denim shorts and ankle boots, and I loved it with my leather jacket and scarf as well.  The material (silk) and floaty shape work so well with the colour, and it's one of those tops that's ideal for contrasting with some edgier items (leather and biker boots).  I will almost definitely be investing in this soon!  

I've been wanting a pair of nude heels forever.  I tried these on in Office (£70) but I wasn't exactly taken by them.  I think i'm looking for something with an open toe and a much chunkier heel.  

I'd love a floaty nude dress that I can wear both during the day and in the evening; this one is from Zara. I thought it had potential on the hanger but i'm really not a fan at all.  It's too long and I don't like the straps.  I've actually designed my own, so if all else fails I can just have one made!

I'm currently on Weight Watchers and aim to be at my goal weight in time for my birthday in May.  I have about a stone left to lose, and i'm not comfortable wearing trousers just yet, but I loved these (Zara - £25.99) so tried them on anyway!  

...and the not so nude

This is the Jigsaw top that I love but in a different colour ('slate blue').  I like this one a lot as well, but seeing as it's £99 a go, I'll probably just get the nude.  

Absolutely love this cardigan from Jigsaw (£99).  I thought it was a take on army camouflage print, but apparently it's intended to be a 'blurred floral print'.  Quite glad about this - if I buy it i'll be doing a slightly different take on floral (see my earlier post...).

I can only say good things about this Zara dress (£49.99).  I love snakeskin almost as much as leopard print.  I think it'd look even better with a thin belt at the waist.  

I have such a thing for slogan tees.  I only need one word to sum up this one from Topshop - AMAZING.

And these are just my High Street finds...i'm having to physically stop myself from clicking on Net a Porter in my bookmark bar!  Oh well, not long until the next instalment of the student loan...

Namaste bitches xo xo 

P.S. I realise this post seems to indicate that i've already forgotten my promise to inject some bright block colours into my life.  Do not fear, I bought some bright neon pink underwear from Topshop on my travels this morning...we all have to start somewhere, right?!

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