Friday, 29 April 2011

To marry her prince

It's official, I cried! Today was such a romantic day that I think even the most hardened cynics were probably (at least secretly) moved. 

I can't even begin to do justice to Kate's dress. As i've said on numerous occasions, i'm extremely hard to please when it comes to long dresses - wedding dresses being no exception - and i'd be lying if I said that I hadn't been dreading some completely OTT Diana-style meringue. I'm not Kate's biggest fan, but she looked absolutely breathtaking.

I had been rooting for Sarah Burton, so of course I was delighted when I learnt that it was none other than Alexander McQueen. I saw it as something of a tribute to the late designer, which just added to the overall beauty of it. Her dress was appropriately traditional without being frumpy, and the combination of the shape and the lace (soooo Grace Kelly!) made it the epitome of elegance. I loved the neckline, and the proportion of the train was spot-on. Beautifully simple and understated. And what a tiara!!!

I thought Pippa looked great in McQueen too, the simplicity of the dress perfectly complimenting her sister.

And of course, for the fashion world this wedding was just as much about what the guests were wearing as it was about William and Kate!

The highs...

I fall more and more in love with Victoria Beckham each day. This dress, one of her own creations, is just the perfect choice for Victoria who is in the late stages of pregnancy. I love the simplicity of the shape and the neckline is beautiful. Don't even get me started on David...he couldn't have looked better, and Ralph Lauren works so well for him.

Although I wasn't blown away by Sam Cam's Burberry dress, I loved the fact that she kept her look so simple. But my favourite thing about the outfit? NO HAT - what a star.

...and the lows

I wasn't sure whether or not to put this section in because I prefer to celebrate fashion rather than bitch about it, but I think my observations below are more than justified.

When I saw Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, my first thought was 'oh dear god', and my second thought was, what the hell were they, Vivienne Westwood and Philip Treacy thinking?! Beatrice looks ok if you ignore everything above the waist - she's at least tried to be a bit on-trend with the pleats and nude palette (although the colour really doesn't work for her). I'm afraid I can't be quite so diplomatic when it comes to Eugenie. I've never really liked Vivienne Westwood's designs, but for me, this dress is  the nail in her coffin. Why would anyone admit to having designed that?! And the hats speak for themselves.

Chelsy Davy, what a state. Did she just roll out of bed or something? She's not pretty enough to wear her hair like that (although i'm not sure she even brushed it), and the Alberta Ferreti dress and jacket combo is an absolute disaster. Oh dear.

Today was a beautiful day. From the trees lining the inside of Westminster Abbey to the smile on Kate's face, it couldn't have been more perfect. I can only hope that one day that will be me!

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  1. Loved reading your rundown of the event, and those few select guests.

    I did not see any photos of Chelsy from the wedding, and assumed she did not attend.

    Alas she did but her look was really not up to par for the occasion. :|

    The Cat Hag