Friday, 8 April 2011

Summer loving? Loving summer!

You might well be thinking, 'it's way too early to be getting excited about bikinis, let alone blogging about them', but a combination of the warm weather and US Vogue's (April 2011) collaboration between Lara Stone and Mario Testino means that I am currently suffering from a severe case of bikini fever! After seeing these beautiful photos taken in Rio de Janeiro featuring graphic print bikinis reminiscent of none other than Brigitte Bardot, I was inspired to start scouting for my 2011 beachwear.

Zadig & Voltaire

It will come as no great surprise that some of my favourites so far come from the Zadig & Voltaire and Isabel Marant collections. I think that black swimwear is going to be a big deal this summer (when is it ever not?!), and I particularly love the combination of black with white stars. The best thing about this Z&V one is the pink detail around some of the stars

Isabel Marant

This Isabel Marant creation is fairly similar, but a couple of things make it really really special. Firstly, the material is more cotton-based than your usual bikini (see the third picture) which creates a great, slightly bohemian, effect. I'm not quite sure about the practicality, but when it looks this good, who really cares?! Secondly, the bigger ties make it stand out from the average triangle bikini; at first I thought this was possibly a bit OTT, but I quickly came around - it's such a charming and girly feature. Lastly, I absolutely love the contrasting inner layer. It seems completely irrelevant to the star theme, but herein lies the charm; the colours work really well together, and once again it creates that relaxed bohemian effect. Definitely my favourite.

We Are Handsome

Not normally something that I would immediately go for, but We Are Handsome's 'Los Angeles Triangle Bikini' is super cool. If, like me, you are OBSESSED with all things LA, then this might just make the perfect companion to a slightly more low-key one. 

And finally...

I was always a bit sceptical when it came to cut-out swimsuits...they have the potential to be extremely trashy if you're not very careful...but I was won over a few months ago by a simple black one I came across in a magazine (I can't for the life of me remember where I saw it, but this So De Mel version is not too far off). If you've got the body for it then this can be hugely flattering, as well as sexy. The only catch...tan lines anyone?!

Until next time bitches...

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