Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Window's bags (of fun!)

I always play the same game with myself...when i'm rich, what are the very first things that I will buy?!

I was planning on compiling a complete list today but as soon as I got started on the bags, I realised that I had set myself a near-impossible task for a single post! So here is the first instalment...bags (quite possibly my favourite accessory!  Oh and apologies for the title, I couldn't resist).  These are some of the most iconic and beautiful bags in the world, and in my opinion, Mulberry is pretty much untouchable in this field.  For me, a bag has to be functional as well as special which is why i've gone for relatively large and often neutral satchel-types.

The Mulberry Bayswater - Chestnut Soft Spongy

The Mulberry Bayswater - Champagne Moon Metallic

The Mulberry Oversized Alexa - Oak Soft Buffalo

The Mulberry Oversized Alexa - Petticoat White Soft Buffalo

The Hermes Birkin - Sassy Orange (i'm not totally boring!)

But until then....

My two favourite bags that I carry at the moment...both Urban Outfitters, both gorgeous (and you can definitely see a bit of Bayswater and Alexa in them both!). The first one was bought for me by my mum - one of my absolute fashion heros.  

Until next time xoxo


  1. oooh the silver one is so nice!
    lots of love your sister.

  2. I'm more of a Birkin fan than an Alexa one! Love your Urban Outfitter finds :)

  3. Im in love with these style of bags! Great post!

    Come check out my blog if you like!